Irish Supercar championship shines at Bishopscourt

This past weekend the Irish supercar championship headed to Bishopscourt for the first rounds of the 2019 season. Practice started on saturday morning and within the first few laps it was clear to see how exciting the racing action was going to be.

Race one: The weather was fantastic for race one, the cars lined up on the grid Charlie Linnane took to the front row and alongside him Philip Jones. The Lights went out and it was Philip Jones who took the early lead followed by Charlie Linnane and Paul Parr. Alan Kessie, Dave Parks and Robbie Parks were battling hard behind them. The father and son team of Dave Parks and Robbie Parks were wheel to wheel battling hard, Alan Kessie began to pull away from them and take advantage of them keeping each other occupied. Dave Parks managed to get passed Robbie Parks and then power through to pass Alan Kessie unfortunately Dave’s engine then blew up. Charlie Linnane drove a great race and battled hard with Philip Jones to take the win in race one. The final order was: Charlie Linnane in first, Paul Parr in second, Philip Jones in third, then Alan Kessie, Robbie Parks, Vincent O’Reilly and David Parks.

© Michael Chester

Race two started and it was Philip Jones who took the lead when the lights went out followed closely by Charlie Linnane. Alan Kessie also got a good start and managed to climb up to third followed by Robbie Parks and then Paul Parr. At the front Philip Jones still led and began to pull a gap on Charlie Linnane. Astonishingly within a few laps Charlie had closed the gap again and the pair were wheel to wheel once more.The final result for race two is: Philip Jones in first, Charlie Linnane in second, Paul Parr in third then Alan Kessie, Vincent O’Reilly and unfortunatly Robbie Parks had to retire from the race early.


Thanks to Michael Chester for the Photos.

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